At LA Space Design, we merge timeless artistry with contemporary vision in interior design. Drawing from deep-rooted expertise, we shape both commercial and residential interiors into masterpieces of luxury and allure. Each space we curate becomes a testament to our dedication — a symphony of exquisite materials and bespoke details.

Begin a design voyage with us. Dive deeper than the conventional, into a world where every corner whispers of elegance and bespoke luxury. Together, let’s sculpt spaces that resonate with soul and sophistication.

It’s been a decade of hard work and continuous journey of my career in interior design by building brick by brick, which emphasizes my reflection of dedication and time towards work.

Aim is a design for an iconic structure in Hyderabad that lasts forever!
To create functional and innovative designs for buildings and spaces.
To design environment-friendly and give a touch of nature.

My Journey
I started my company, Pictorial Interiors, in October 2010 with a core passion for designing!
My expertise and experience made a good network, and I built a strong team for work!
I have renamed my company to LA Space Design in 2003 where the space is infinite like our Dreams and desires.!!

Personal interests
I love swimming, my wish to travel the world, Badminton, making friends for life..! Video games, exploring new places, Foodie, Of course Movies ..!!

Lavan Konda



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